About Me


My name is Marzia. I am Italian and I have lived in London since 2000.

For 25 years I have been a professional in the financial services industry, a career that I have now put on hold to follow my vocation as a yoga therapist and to offer my support to people who feel they need some extra tools to empower themselves for a fuller and more fulfilling life.

To do this I have qualified as an ISHTA Yoga teacher, I have completed an introductory course in Jungian psychology, and I am studying for an MSc in Person-Centred Psychotherapy at the Metanoia Institute in London.

I started practising yoga 7 years ago. It all started with severe lower back pain, which has now gone, together with many other unwanted things, while yoga has become an integral part of my life. As for Jung, my love affair with him started many, many years ago, and thanks to yoga I have made a fundamental step to deepen my understanding of his philosophy and therapeutic practice. Since my first encounter with Jung, I have rediscovered that part of my life that goes on while I am asleep. Jung is my inner guru, my own personal and very private ishta devata (personal deity). My academic experience in the Person Centred approach to psychotherapy is helping me deepen my understanding of psychotherapeutic practices within the humanistic tradition, shedding a refreshing, powerful, deeply changing and revolutionary light on to my personal experiencing of life and my practice as a yogic therapist.

  • 500 Hours Yoga Alliance certified ISHTA Yoga teacher training in London with Yoga Master Katrina Repka
  • Introductory course in Analytical Psychology at GAPS, London (Guild of Analytical Psychology and Spirituality)
  • Foundation year in the Person Centred Approach at the Metanoia Institute, London
  • 1st year MSc in the Person Centred Approach at the Metanoia Institute, London.

I teach according to the ISHTA method. More information on ISHTA is here.

In ISHTA we use Hatha Yoga techniques (postures, breath, mudras, yantras and mantras), tantric philosophy, and Ayurvedic principles to balance the chakras to achieve equilibrium of mind and body, for awareness, and for inner peace.

ISHTA Yoga is not a religion, it is a technique. It will teach you to live with yourself and with the world, to be whatever you want to be, and to believe whatever you want to believe.

In my teaching I will take into account your specific traits and work with them.